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Policies statements on:

Conflict of Interest / Commercial Support / Image Authentication



The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry (hereafter “The Academy”), in planning annual scientific meetings (hereafter “meetings”), adheres to the following policies, in accordance with ADA CERP Recognition Standards and Procedures:

  • The Academy is exclusively responsible for content, quality, scientific integrity, and professionalism of meetings.
  • The Academy is exclusively responsible for selecting presenters (e., essayists, projected clinicians, and table clinicians) for meetings and retains exclusive rights and responsibilities related to selection of instructional materials, meeting content, meeting format, etc.
  • Presentation topics selected for meetings are based on perceived needs for professional information and not for the purpose of endorsing specific commercial drugs, materials, products, treatments, techniques, schools of thought, services, companies, universities, clinics, or presenters.


Commercial Support:

  • The Academy does not solicit or accept commercial support, financial or otherwise, for the purpose of planning meetings, financing meetings, conducting meetings, offering promotions or advertisements, hosting exhibits or exhibitors, or funding/reimbursing presenters.
  • The Academy competitively applies for and has received a grant through the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry’s Awards & Grants Program to defray costs associated with production of the “Annual Review of Selected Scientific Literature.” A report representative of this annual review is read before the Academy by its Committee on Scientific Investigation. The full report has been published annually in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry since 1954.



  • Assures that meeting presentations offer a balanced view of available therapeutic options.
  • Prohibits any product-specific promotion/advertisement materials, of any type, to be associated with or available at meetings.
  • Makes all decisions related to funding arrangements for all meeting activities.
  • Instructs presenters to avoid recommending or mentioning commercial products by trade name and encourages the use of generic terms whenever possible. Presenters are instructed that when reference is made to a specific product trade name, reference should also be made to competitive products.
  • Requires officers, meeting planners, and presenters to disclose, in writing, all financial relationships that they, or their immediate family members, have with commercial entities, in any amount occurring over the last 12 months, which are relevant to the content of meeting activities.
  • Publishes officers’, meeting planners’, and presenters’ relevant financial relationships in the meeting brochure, which is provided to all participants prior to the start of the meeting.


Image Authentication:

  • It is the policy of the Academy to confirm with presenters that all images, electronic or otherwise, used in any presentation have not misrepresented or falsified diagnostics, treatment, follow-up, or research outcome(s). If any image alterations have been made to better demonstrate educationally important concepts, these alterations will be disclosed by presenters and comprehensively explained to the audience.

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